Speed Bumps For Arise Boulevard in Rochedale

Principal Petitioner Liaqat Ali Nadir Shah, Rochedale
Date Closed Wed, 31 Jul 2019 This epetition has ended
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Speeding and hooning on Arise Boulevard, Rochedale, speeding on residential street Skyview Avenue, Arise Boulevard which is in Arise Estate off Gardner Road, Rochedale. Very dangerous driving and speeding, late night hooning, raving and racing, Speeding, raving and hooning, on Skyview Ave.

We request speed bumps to be installed on in and outbound lanes of Arise Boulevard to prevent dangerous driving. We also request speed bumps on Skyview Avenue, to prevent dangerous driving, hooning and raving on residential street. We also request clear speed signage for both Arise Boulevard and Skyview Avenue.

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