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Relocate Designated Residential Waste Collection Area for BCC Trucks at Portside Wharf

Principal Petitioner Murray Edminston, Hamilton
Date Closed Sat, 20 Oct 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 40 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council Waste Services Team regarding Safety issues relating to BCC Residential Waste Collection Area in Portside Wharf.

This petition is to ask the Brisbane City Council to reconsider its decision regarding the position of the current residential waste collection area for residential buildings in the Portside Wharf. Below are the reasons that the current area positioned between Infinity, Pinnacle and Proximity is completely unsuitable for the current growing population.

1. Safety – Waste Collection Trucks are required to enter and turn around in a very small area, which is a massive concern to safety of vehicles and pedestrians. This area is frequently used by residents and visitors as pedestrian access to the precinct and they are regularly having to navigate their way around Waste Collection Trucks emptying bins daily. Pedestrian safety should be paramount and any accident involving a pedestrian could result in serious injury. This is an accident waiting to happen as there are blind spots for vehicles and pedestrians while bins are being stored in this area.

2. Noise Pollution – Waste Collection trucks generate excessive noise daily.

3. Traffic – Large traffic delays are being caused because Waste Collection Trucks regularly on daily basis block access to building car parks and visitors’ parking

4. Littering – As there are multiple buildings in the area this creates a strong wind tunnel which causes waste to be blown over the whole precinct when bins are being emptied into Waste Collection Trucks

5. Damage to driveway, ramp and footpaths – Waste Collection trucks regularly driving back and forth over the driveway and footpaths causing possible damage to concrete joints and drainage to an area not previously designed for this type of extended use. The cracked concrete and deteriorated joints in this area already cause multiple water leaks into the fire escape and basements which is damaging the structure.

We ask Brisbane City Council to reassess the position of the Waste Collection Area as it was previously promised to residents to be relocated to the other area of the Portside Wharf Precinct.