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Melaleuca leucadendra tree removal

Principal Petitioner Claire Hargrave, Salisbury
Date Closed Thu, 20 Sep 2018 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Melaleuca leucadendra tree located on the nature strip on Toohey Road near 620 Toohey Road, Salisbury. The tree is causing the following issues and damages:

1. Crushing Local Residents Storm Drain Pipes

2. Producing excess pollen, far greater than any other tree in the surrounding area. Excessive pollen concerns local residents of allergy flare ups, much greater than the surrounding trees and residents in local area are impacted by pollen and face difficulty hanging washing outdoors 

3. Making the street look untidy

4. Roots have caused the road to lift and crack causing water flow issues to the curb and channel, and the roots have caused the road to lift and crack causing excess leaf and debris build up in uneven road. The roots have caused the road to lift and crack causing potential trip hazard

5. Concerns around safety of the branches in high winds given it has no other trees to shield or support it 

6. Encourages bats to the street area

7. Residents find it difficult to maintain their land and clear off the trees excess pollen and leaf and branch fall out

8. Footpaths have already been replaced due to tree roots and are too high to accommodate tree roots causing concerns to wheelchair bound neighbours.

We therefore request the tree be removed.