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Balmoral skatepark foul language, abuse and drug taking by children must be addressed

Principal Petitioner Freya Petersen, Balmoral
Date Closed Thu, 01 Nov 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 34 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention disruptive, offensive and menacing youth behaviour in and around the recently opened "Balmoral Youth Space", which has worsened in recent months as children as young as primary school age visit the skatepark without parental supervision and there is only infrequent monitoring by the police. Local residents bringing their children to the skatepark are regularly been sworn at and threatened by unaccompanied children at the park, sometimes even in school uniform. Adults have been followed back to their homes by children, who then make threats and at very least cause a public nuisance in and around Balmoral. There is also increasing evidence of drug use in the bushland adjacent to the skatepark, with residents finding bongs, scissors, lighters and other drug paraphernalia and spotting youths gathered in the bushes after school.

Your petitioners therefore request that the Council act on complaints about aggressive and offensive youth behaviour, request an increased police presence around the park and bushland, and seek ways to counsel and/or manage the behaviour of repeat offenders who have been made known to police by local residents. The uptick in drug use and other delinquent behaviour in the area must be addressed before it becomes the norm for what until recently was a peaceful, safe and family-friendly area with a high rate of home ownership and long-term residencies. Counselling for parents of school-aged children in their legal responsibilities to supervise kids under 12 should also be arranged. An anonymous complaints line should be set up to ensure parents with concerns can reach out without fear of retribution either by children concerned or their parents.

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