Compulsorily acquire the Broadway Hotel site for community facilities and a public park

Principal Petitioner Jonathan Sri, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Fri, 19 Oct 2018 This epetition has ended
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The State Heritage-listed Broadway Hotel has been allowed to fall into disrepair and recently caught fire yet again. Both Brisbane City Council and the State Government have failed in their responsibility to ensure the site is protected and properly maintained. If heritage-listed sites are allowed to be redeveloped as for-profit residential or commercial highrises, this gives other owners of historic buildings a financial incentive to burn down buildings or allow them to fall into disrepair. Unless the government steps in, residents are concerned that this site may remain abandoned for some time, or will be redeveloped on a for-profit basis in a manner that is unsympathetic to local needs, to the history of the site and to the character of the local area. Woolloongabba is experiencing rapid population growth and densification, but is under-served by public parkland and community facilities. To ensure residents and visitors can continue to enjoy a high quality of life, it is crucial to provide more community facilities including a community centre, bookable spaces for events and meetings, a live music venue and crisis support services.

Residents call on Brisbane City Council to rezone the Broadway Hotel site for open space and community facilities. We call on Brisbane City Council to compulsorily acquire the site for use as public green space and a community centre. If it is possible to preserve all or part of the hotel, this should be incorporated into the new community facility.

Council response

The Broadway Hotel was entered on the Queensland Heritage Register in October 1992 as a State heritage place, and responsibility for managing the heritage values of State heritage places sits with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES).

Under the Heritage Act 1992, the DES has powers to issue essential repair and maintenance notices. The Lord Mayor has written to the Honourable Leeanne Enoch MP, Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts, requesting that she issue one of these notices, however, no action has yet been taken in this regard.

Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) identifies important infrastructure, including parks and community facilities. Currently, the LGIP does not identify the need for a new community facility in the Woolloongabba area. However, the demand for community facilities in Woolloongabba will be reviewed as new residential and employment growth projections are updated.