Call for Ban on Smoking While Walking in the Brisbane CBD

Principal Petitioner Lu Ponton, Aspley
Date Closed Tue, 12 Feb 2019 This epetition has ended
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Walking is a big part of our daily commute for many of those working in the city. For non-smokers the smell of burning cigarettes can be very unpleasant, not to mention the impact the toxic smoke would have on health. Most of the people walking in the Brisbane CBD are non-smokers, and among them there are pregnant women and young children. Avoiding places popular among smokers is easy but having to walk behind someone constantly giving-off second hand smoke is unreasonable. People who smoke while walking leave a long trail of second hand smoke, and during peak hours this can affect many people nearby and getting past the smokers is also difficult due to the number of people walking on the street. It is unfair and risky for non-smokers to have to put up with second hand smoke along the walk.

Here I request a ban on walking while smoking in the Brisbane CBD, especially during peak hours.

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