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Hock Davis Park’s Transformation of Open Storm Water Drainage into a Community Carpark

Principal Petitioner Les Bryant, Durack
Date Closed Sun, 04 Nov 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 172 signatures

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Residents of Inala and surrounding suburbs draw to the attention of Councillors of Brisbane City for the need of transforming the open stormwater drainage at Hock Davis Park of Inala into a community carpark. The project will be led by the non-profit entity – The Blue Fin Fishing Club to plan and reform the underused drainage area into a carpark which endorses sensible community traffic management and reduces traffic hazard during peak operating times. The current street parking in the area approved by Council is not sufficient to cater for the needs of local community events for the enjoyment of surrounding families and social groups. Furthermore, the project will help improve current storm water drainage which runs beside the Club and dissects the Hock Davis Park. Most importantly, the car park will be built over approx. 60% of the storm water drainage ensuring trees are not disrupted. Furthermore, the Blue Fin Fishing Club will reduce the burden on ratepayers by taking up the up-keep of Hock Davis Park to a higher standard than is currently offered.

Your petitioners therefore strongly request the Right Honourable Lord Mayor and Councillors of the City of Brisbane to grant the approval of the transforming of Hock Davis Park’s open stormwater drainage area into a community carpark project led by The Blue Fin Fishing Club, hence, make the Inala and surrounding communities a better and safer place to live, work and play.

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