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Reject DA A004953413 for a childcare centre at 23 Tillot St, Dutton Park

Principal Petitioner Jonathan Sri, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Wed, 31 Oct 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 26 signatures

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Residents are concerned that the current proposal for a new childcare centre at 23 Tillot Street, Dutton Park, will have excessive negative impacts on the local traffic network. A childcare centre with 59 places will generate significant vehicle traffic on this small residential side-street and is contrary to the relevant neighbourhood plans. There are not enough young children living within the immediate neighbourhood of this site to fill the 59 places, which means that the majority of childcare places would be filled by children who live further away. Most of these children will be driven to the centre, as the entrance to the nearest public transport hub is over 700 metres away. Crucially, the proposed Woolloongabba Bikeway project will limit right turns in and out of Tillot Street, meaning that vehicle traffic accessing a childcare centre at this site would be forced to rat-run through other residential streets. We are also concerned that the proposal does not include enough open green space or deep-planted trees, and that new structures would be built too close to the property boundary.

Residents call on Council to reject DA A004953413 or require major changes which substantially reduce the traffic impacts and other negative impacts of this proposal on the surrounding neighbourhood.

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