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Objection to proposal for Stanworth Rd DA

Principal Petitioner Colleen Curlewis, Boondall
Date Closed Sat, 13 Oct 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 73 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Honourable Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, our objection to the current development proposal for 97-107 Stanworth Rd, Boondall, being considered under DA A004924122. As residents and ratepayers, we oppose the proposed development in its current format because it will negatively impact our community. Specifically it will result in negative outcomes for:

1. Natural environment and wildlife - the majority of large gums are marked for removal, many of these are home to possums, birds and potential gliders.

2. The quiet 'vibe' of community - the area is quiet, established and leafy; the addition of 90 x 3 bedroom townhouses will change the feel of the area completely.

3. Localised traffic and parking - the area is subject to 'rat runners' already. With the potential for many more cars to come out of this development, it will clog-up thoroughfare even further on Aberdeen and Normanhurst Roads. Inevitably more street parking will occur adding to congestion when considered with the existing residents, train station and entertainment centre street parking.

Your petitioners therefore request that the DA, A004924122, is not approved in its current design. We the petitioners understand this area is prime for development, but request that approval is only granted to a considerably smaller development that retains many more of the large trees and incorporates more wildlife-friendly green space and wildlife boxes. We believe a smaller development would be more appropriate for the neighbourhood and address some of the issues of concern. Addressing the 'rat runner' traffic that feeds in from Sandgate Rd at the Carlyle and Holroyd intersections will help this also. We like our neighbourhood because it is quiet, leafy and child friendly - please help us retain that by only approving a smaller, appropriate development on this site. Thank you.

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