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Speed Limit Brisbane River

Principal Petitioner Dennis Breitenbach, Kangaroo Point
Date Closed Tue, 25 Dec 2018 This epetition has ended
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Dear Residents of Brisbane, The damage and danger to residents and property at and on the Brisbane River is no longer acceptable. There are several speed limit zones on the Brisbane River. With many of them not publicly known and almost none of them signed the majority of vessel masters do not know about them and even if they do the speed limit is not enforced by the Brisbane Water Police due to missing equipment and interest. Every year at Riverfire the Brisbane Water Police enjoys a night out watching Fireworks while on duty they do not care about our safety. Most private Pontoons in Brisbane are unoccupied due to the high risk of damage to the property. We want to make it safe again to use the River within the Law.

We therefore request the installation of speed limit buoys with a distance of 30m to all Marinas and all areas with multiple installed mooring buoys on the Brisbane River. We also request that the Brisbane Water Police gets Radar Speed Cameras to enforce the Speed within these Areas and beyond where properties and Pontoons are on the Brisbane River.

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