Chikara Martial Arts - Zoning Reconsideration

Principal Petitioner Kyl Reber, Heathwood
Date Closed Sun, 03 Mar 2019 This epetition has ended
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Chikara Martial Arts, located in Blunder Road, Oxley, Brisbane is seeking to gain support in regards to a zoning issue that threatens to have the business relocated. Chikara Martial Arts (CMA) has been established in the Western Brisbane community since 1996, and a forced move to an area that is presently within Brisbane City Council (BCC) guidelines would potentially force CMA to close its doors due to the extreme financial cost of operation, thereby affecting the 200 plus students and their families that attend the centre, and destroy the community that CMA has built over the last 22 years.

Petitioners call on Brisbane City Council to: 1. Offer and negotiate a compromise whereby CMA can stay in its present location, but work together with BCC to implement strategies and/or structures and alterations that will make CMA more feasible to continue operating in its present location, so they can keep teaching vital self defence and empowerment skills to children and adults of western Brisbane, and continue to provide a community that has changed the lives of hundreds of people over the last 22 years; and 2. Reconsider zoning requirements and guidelines for all indoor sport and recreation businesses within its city limits, thereby giving more small businesses of this nature an opportunity to provide a service to the community far beyond that of health and fitness, and thereby giving the people of Brisbane more and more opportunities to enjoy the healthy and active lifestyle that they deserve.

Council response

Chikara Martial Arts is operating in the General industry B zone precinct without a development approval.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) guides how land in Brisbane can be used and developed. The intent for land in the General industry B zone precinct is to provide for the full range of industrial uses, including warehouses, low and medium impact industry, as well as high impact industry. Indoor sport and recreation use is not anticipated to occur in the General industry B zone precinct and would trigger impact assessment against City Plan.

The Brisbane Industrial Strategy 2019 (BIS 2019) was released on 13 March 2019 and highlights that demand for industrial uses in Brisbane is projected to overtake the supply of industrial-zoned land by 2041. BIS 2019 emphasises the need to protect industrial-zoned land and preserve Brisbane’s capacity to meet strong, ongoing industrial demand.

BIS 2019 identifies the need to provide flexibility for a land use mix and improved amenity that can support workers and industrial businesses. The implementation of action 2 in BIS 2019 will provide for ‘appropriate non-industrial uses that meet the specific needs of workers and enhance the function of areas where low-impact industry is supported’. This action aligns with the key BIS 2019 priorities of Land use mix, Amenity and Precincts, and is most relevant for Low impact industry zone or General industry A zone precinct locations that do not readily have access to the established centres and services to meet the needs of workers.

City Plan provides broad support for indoor sport and recreation in many appropriate, well‑serviced locations across Brisbane. For example, indoor sport and recreation is supported in centre zones (business and shopping centre locations), and areas zoned as Mixed use (mixed residential and commercial areas), Sport and recreation (specifically intended for the use) and Community facilities.

Advice has been provided to the proponents through a prelodgement meeting about what would be assessed and what would need to be addressed through a development application.