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Removal of Bank Road Parking Bays Between Young Street and Molonga Terrace

Principal Petitioner Colin Wilson, Graceville
Date Closed Fri, 30 Nov 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 15 signatures

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Councillor Nicole Johnston recently used an informal survey, with less than a 50% response rate and not all of that being positive responses, to request Council mark out parking bays on Bank Road, Graceville. The marking of bays was carried out without any formal planning or impact assessment. There was also a lack of prominent signage or similar to alert residents to a prospective change and avenues to lodge submissions. The parking bays have already lead to a significant increase in non-resident parking outside our homes and are expected to impact on the character and value of homes in the area. All Bank Road residents between Young Street and Molonga Terrace have discussed and are in agreement that they want these bays removed from their section of the street.

Petitioners therefore request the removal of the Bank Road parking bays between Young Street and Molonga Terrace.