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Protect Hock Davis Park Inala

Principal Petitioner John Maelich, Inala
Date Closed Tue, 20 Nov 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 168 signatures

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Community support for the retention of Hock Davis Park in Inala in response to a recent petition in support of "Transformation of Open Storm Water Drainage into a Community Carpark". Hock Davis Park hosts mature native trees, many of which already have hollows which are heavily used by native creatures for breeding. The creek running through the park is the headwaters of Boss Creek, which is undergoing rehabilitation through the Habitat Brisbane program at Kev Hooper Park Inala. A small group of volunteers has been planting along both sides of Boss Creek on that site for around 10 years now. The park hosts school and scouting groups each year so many people, including youngsters, have been involved in improving the habitat at Kev Hooper Park. Hock Davis Park is connected to the work of Inala Bushcare via a narrow corridor along the creek and is therefore an extension of the habitat already receiving strong community support. The creek corridor is already narrow but it carries high hopes as an important island habitat for native animals.

Trees take a long time to create the hollows so needed by our native creatures for breeding. Every tree with a hollow is an important and heavily used resource, and Hock Davis Park has many such trees now, and many that are old enough to be creating hollows, now and in the future. We ask that the request to allow this park to be utilised as a carpark for a local business please be rejected.