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Deshon St and Flower St - Pedestrian Crossing (zebra lines)

Principal Petitioner Phil Ottens, East Brisbane
Date Closed Sat, 22 Dec 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 5 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council, the crossing at Deshon Street and Flower Street in Woolloongabba, as this crossing is very narrow and cannot accommodate increased traffic caused by local development (heavy vehicles) and an increase in Deshon Road used as a thoroughfare. I propose the Council to instate crossing lines at the existing crossing to encourage motorists to slow down for pedestrians crossing - especially those pushing prams across the busy road during peak times so that their infants and small children can attend childcare and their parents can get to work safety.

I ask that my petitioners please request that the Coucil consider spraying pedestrian crossing lines at the already installed crossing (refuge) to alert motorists to slow down as this section of path that joins the Rotary Park bi-section to a newly developed early childcare centre on Manyard Street as well as an alternative route to Stones Corner bus station. Due to recently approved development this area is now prone to both congestion of small to medium local vehicles who commute to and from work but also now heavy vehicles in order to complete developments in the area. I have been stuck on multiple occasions half way across the road while pushing my daughter in her pram when other pedestrians - sometimes with their dogs as well - are narrowly missed by passing cars and large trucks. Please consider my request, as a zoned pedestrian crossing at this specific location will ensure the ongoing safety of pedestrians and locals alike who cross this increasingly busy road as part of their daily commute.