Request to fast-track and fund the Road upgrade to Kelvin Grove Road and Enoggera Road

Principal Petitioner Amanda Ronan-hearn, Ashgrove
Date Closed Thu, 28 Feb 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of the Lord Mayor and Council, the congestion and traffic situation on Enoggera Road and Kelvin Grove Roads. This road corridor is a critical piece of infrastructure and it services the inner north and north west of Brisbane.

Your petitioners therefore request Council to urgently prioritise and fast-track the investigation and design to be completed in the 2018-19 financial year, so that the necessary budget funding for the required upgrade, be included and completed as part of the 2019-20 budget.

Council response

The Kelvin Grove Road and Enoggera Road corridor is a key public transport corridor in the inner north-west of Brisbane. The corridor is currently serviced by 13 urban bus routes including one high frequency route and two pre-paid peak routes, as well as a NightLink route. There are eight TransLink school routes which use Kelvin Grove/Enoggera Road in the PM, with route 390 operating extra trips during school terms to provide additional capacity in the AM. A number of bus services operated by non-government schools also use the corridor.1

Council has reviewed your request to upgrade this corridor. Within Council’s 2018-19 budget, approximately $1.1 million was allocated under the Preliminary Road Design Program, from Service Plan and Design the Network. Council is committed to improving the corridor and has allocated an additional $279,000 in the 2019-20 budget to finalise the feasibility study and complete the concept design of the recommendations. The work being undertaken as part of this program includes preliminary feasibility investigations and concept designs for the Kelvin Grove Road and Enoggera Road corridor. As part of this work, Council is considering both the current and future demands of road users on the corridor, including the needs of public and active transport users. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2019 and its recommendations will inform any future improvements of the corridor.

In addition, land required to improve efficiency at intersections and/or localised road realignments is being acquired by conditioning adjoining approved developments to provide setbacks or road dedications as they occur.

Council’s proposed actions to undertake improvements on the Kelvin Grove Road and Enoggera Road corridor reflect the goals outlined in the Transport Plan for Brisbane – Strategic Directions (transport plan) which was released by Council on 31 October 2018. The transport plan sets out how transport will contribute to achieving the vision for the city and supporting economic, social and environmental outcomes for current and future generations.

The transport plan supports a sustainable approach by providing for a range of travel choices, including improved options for public transport, and walking and cycling as an alternative to travelling by private vehicle. This will help to achieve a clean, green, sustainable city, improve community health and wellbeing and will also free up road capacity for the efficient movement of freight and services.

Council’s Transport Plan for Brisbane – Implementation Plan 2018 (implementation plan) outlines a number of strategic activities Council will undertake in the short to medium term to achieve the outcomes of the transport plan. These include a focus on public and active transport, improving the efficiency of existing networks and a number of safety initiatives. The transport plan and implementation plan can be viewed on Council’s website at by searching ‘transport plan’.

Council is always looking for opportunities to relieve traffic congestion through providing attractive public and active transport links in these areas through programs such as the $100 million Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane.

Council’s strategic investigations are continuing and will identify potential upgrade opportunities throughout the corridor. However, it would be a significant project to upgrade the entire corridor requiring further works to identify public utilities which would be affected to provide a high level costing of any future corridor upgrade.

The outcome of the investigations completed to date, however, indicate that the second part of your request, being the necessary budget funding allocation in 2019-20 is inappropriate at this time given the complexity of the corridor and the significant impact and cost of any potential upgrade option which requires Council’s careful and thorough consideration. Council has committed an additional $279,000 in 2019-20 to finalise the feasibility study and complete the concept design of potential options. Progression of the potential upgrade opportunities is subject to the future availability of budget.

Thank you for raising this matter.