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Increase parking Ferny Grove Aqua Park

Principal Petitioner Pamela Rose-holt, Upper Kedron
Date Closed Sat, 19 Jan 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 326 signatures

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That the Ferny Grove Aqua Park at Keperra Picnic Ground does not have sufficient parking. The Aqua Park currently has 21 car spaces, 2 mini bus parks and 1 disability parking bay. This issue was raised with Council by many in the local area during planning with no modifications to the original plan. Besides accessibility safety issues are of great concern. People are parking along Upper Kedron Road and walking or crossing the road to gain access. This puts patrons at risk of motor vehicle collisions and injury. The Aqua Park is being actively promoted by the Mayor to greater Brisbane. This will put further pressure on locals being able to visit. Initial patronage has demonstrated a lack of parking and this will only become worse as the temperature increases, the school holidays and as it organically becomes more popular. We would like to thank BCC for this wonderful facility and with better parking see more people safely access the Aqua Park.

That significant additional parking be constructed with special attention to additional disability parking.

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