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Accept the petition regarding 160 Macquarie St, St Lucia submitted on 04/12/2018

Principal Petitioner Jonathan Sri, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Wed, 12 Dec 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 15 signatures

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On Tuesday, 4 December, 2018, Councillor Jonathan Sri submitted a petition to a full meeting of Brisbane City Council containing the names of almost 1200 residents who are concerned about highrise development proposals for 160 Macquarie St, St Lucia. BCC administration is suggesting that this petition is not a valid petition, even though the website has robust mechanisms to verify signatures and guard against the addition of false or duplicate names. The BCC's rules requiring that epetitions must include both a residential address and email address are not well-publicised or widely understood among residents. The BCC's own epetitions website is difficult to use, does not work on some devices, and requires multiple verification steps that discourage public participation. The original petition was clearly addressed to 'Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk' and substantially complied with BCC's petition policy. It included the full names and suburbs of petitioner, and residents were required to provide an email address to the website when filling out the petition. A large number of residents who feel ignored by council have sought to have their voices heard by signing an online petition. For BCC to refuse to consider this petition and to look into the very serious concerns about proposed development at 160 Macquarie St, St Lucia on a technicality would be undemocratic and would deny residents a voice.

Your petitioners therefore request that council consider the residents' petition submitted on their behalf by Councillor Sri on 4 December, 2018, objecting to the development application for 160 Macquarie St, St Lucia. We request that council reject the current development application for 160 Macquarie Street, St Lucia on the basis that it does not comply with the relevant provisions of the Brisbane City Plan including the Strategic Intent and 5 key themes in Part 3 of the plan.