Reject highrise development proposal for 1032 apartments at 25 Donkin St, West End

Principal Petitioner Jonathan Sri, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Wed, 30 Jan 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 173 signatures

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Residents are concerned about the scale, density and suboptimal design outcomes of DA A005082417 and other associated development applications for the multi-stage highrise project at 25 Donkin St, West End. In particular, we are concerned that the current proposal for stage 1:

- will cause excessive traffic congestion associated with the 155 parking spaces

- is too close to the river and neighbouring public park

- is not sufficiently set back from property boundaries

- is excessively bulky

- does not comply with Council's 'Buildings that Breathe' guidelines in that apartments will be heavily reliant on air-conditioning

- has excessive site coverage

- does not have enough deep planting on site

- will unnecessarily remove established trees (both on site and on adjoining Council land)

- exceeds the acceptable outcome height limit for this site

- does not include any public housing or community housing and is therefore contrary to the public interest

- has a very high density that is not supported by sufficient local infrastructure or services.

We request that Council reject this development application in its current form, and insist on changes that:

- significantly reduce the number of apartments and carparks

- reduce site coverage and increase boundary setbacks, particularly to the public park

- reduce the height so that it matches the height of other neighbouring buildings

- includes at least 20% deep planting

- does not remove established trees from around the site

- includes 10% of dwellings as community housing or public housing.

We further request that Council requires the developer to facilitate a genuinely democratic community masterplanning process to design subsequent stages of the development in a manner that meets the needs of the broader community. We request that all development applications for this site be treated as impact assessable given that the developer is not complying with the acceptable height outcomes for the site.

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