Refuse application for Childcare Centre at 24-26 Randall Rd, Wynnum West

Principal Petitioner Francine Klein, Wynnum West
Date Closed Tue, 29 Jan 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 282 signatures

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Residents and ratepayers draw to the attention of the Honourable Lord Mayor - Graham Quirk our objection to the current development proposal for 24-26 Randall Rd for a Childcare Centre with 122 places being considered under - DA A005006849. We oppose the proposed development on the following grounds: Change of use. Putting an intense commercial enterprise in a low-density residential area will rob the local residents of the quiet enjoyment of their homes and change the nature of the area. Also, we residents fear that it may open the way for further commercial development in the future. Thirteen bordering properties will be impacted by this proposal.

Noise: Such a large number of children will generate considerable noise disturbance as there is not enough deep planting or open green space.

Traffic: Traffic confusion, traffic breaches and traffic accidents are an obvious expectation from the increase in traffic that a Childcare Centre with 122 places will generate, particularly in view of the proposed townhouse development of 200 townhouses on the site between Wynnum Rd and Plaza St, which will have an entrance onto Sorrento St and thus onto Randall Rd directly opposite the proposed centre.

Environment: Many mature trees currently on the site will be removed including an old Jacaranda enjoyed by all the neighbours and a beautiful old Schottia on the footpath which is a magnet for native birds. The building is of a bulk and scale and colour that is incompatible with the surrounding low-density residential zone.

Suitability: The site is unsuitable for commercial development, it is bordered by thirteen residential properties currently zoned low-density that will all be impacted negatively by its approval.

Your Petitioners therefore request that the DA A005006849 for the childcare centre at 24-26 Randall Rd be refused.

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