Street Park Time Limits

Principal Petitioner Abbey Ward, Brassall
Date Closed Tue, 22 Jan 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 50 signatures

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This petition’s purpose is to change the following street parking terms from a maximum 2 hour time limit to a maximum of 5 hours for the reason that many people require the need to park in the street as they work close by and must travel by car for their work.

Extend the 2 hour time limit to a 5+ hour limit to allow people that are working in the area to park their cars in Blaxland Street, Milton, Isaac Street, Milton, and Patrick Street, Milton.

Council response

On-street parking is a limited resource and as a result, Council faces the challenge of managing the use of available parking. Ultimately, this involves balancing the demand for residential on‑street parking with other competing demands for parking spaces.

The Brisbane Parking Taskforce (Taskforce), established by the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk in 2014 to examine how Council can best manage on-street parking into the future, reviewed the balance of these competing needs and assigned priorities for the allocation of on-street parking within the City Frame and Principal Regional Activity Centres, which includes the Milton area. Recommendations 1, 2 and 3 in the Taskforce report identified that long-stay parking, such as the five‑hour limit you have requested, should be a lower priority for on‑street facilities than the provision of residential or short‑stay (i.e. two hours or less) parking.

As the on-street parking in this area is generally subject to a two-hour limit with resident permit exemption, this provision is in accordance with the recommendations of the Taskforce to prioritise this type of parking where demand is high. Any changes to restrictions to increase the time limits would go against these priorities, leading to less turnover of these parking spaces, which in turn, would affect accessibility and availability of parking for the residents living within these streets and any visitors or tradespersons attending their properties. In addition, increasing these restrictions would permit local commercial properties to the south of Heussler Terrace and their visitors to park for extended periods which would further restrict availability for local residents.

As noted in Council’s Transport Plan for Brisbane – Strategic Directions, produced in consultation with business and industry representatives as well as the broader community, one of the desired outcomes is that travel demand and behaviours will improve transport network efficiency. Milton is well serviced by public transport in the form of train, bus and ferry services and provision of more long‑stay parking in the area would not support the desired outcomes for Brisbane.

On this basis, it is considered that the existing restrictions achieve the appropriate balance for on‑street parking management in these residential streets. As such, Council does not propose to make any changes to the time restrictions to encourage longer-stay parking in the Milton area.

Thank you for raising this matter.