Dog Park Refresh

Principal Petitioner Natasha Damar, Algester
Date Closed Sun, 24 Mar 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Council. I have been talking to dog park goers for some time. We love how well the dog park and parks are managed. The new addition of the concrete slab at the Calamvale District Park is a fabulous idea. We would appreciate if you could consider in your planning the following.

Requesting: a concrete slab at the left entrance of the Parkinson Greenways Park on the side that turns into a slippery pond in the rain, and a park bench in the far corner of the agility section; a small section fenced off in the Calamvale District Park, as a time out and for small dogs as there can be up to 25 dogs and it can be difficult for the small dog owners, and also a park bench in the shade; solar lights in the Parkinson Greenways Park, Calamvale District Park and the Col Bennett Dog Park on Ridgewood Road, Algester. If the lights could be considered for the Col Bennett Park first as that gets used at 6pm a lot because people work long hours. Thank you for considering this and for the work you do.