Local residents, parents and community affected by the proposed pedestrian safety enhancement on Taringa Parade for Indooroopilly State School insist on more consultation to find a simpler and safer solution

Principal Petitioner Jayne Seebeck, Indooroopilly
Date Closed Thu, 28 Feb 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 246 signatures

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The concept design for the proposed pedestrian safety enhancements for Moggill Road and Taringa Parade at Indooroopilly State School (ISS) has been completed with NO meaningful consultation with the local residents and parents of children attending ISS. This is not aligned to the Brisbane City Council Community Engagement Policy 2016.

• For a $3m project, too few local residents, parents of children attending ISS and bush carers have been directly and transparently informed by the Brisbane City Council (BCC) of the situation, the scale of the selected solution, and the potential impacts or the changes that will result.

• Observations by local residents as well as current and past parents of children attending ISS conclude that the plan will not improve the identified pedestrian safety issues.

• Extending the issues along Taringa Pde could result in increased safety risks and increased traffic congestion. Plans do not include ongoing policing of motorist behaviour.

• The proposed Drop and Go zone will require the felling of many old growth trees – some over 100 years old. The ISS students’ great grandchildren would not see any replacement planting reach the current trees’ size.

• This section of trees offers considerable shade to children walking to and from the school, and those waiting for pick up.

• This section of trees improves the amenity of the area for local community.

• 15 years of bushcare work by volunteers to rejuvenate the area done at the direction of BCC will be wasted.

We, the petitioners, request that the plan be reconsidered and allow the BCC to undertake meaningful two-way consultation with local residents, parents of children attending ISS, and Bush Carers. We feel that a simpler and safer solution that will satisfy all affected by the plans can be found with community input.