Clear Signs for Parking Control Areas

Principal Petitioner Sonda Banney, Teneriffe
Date Closed Sun, 04 Aug 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of the Council the totally ineffective signs for the 2 Hour Zones in the inner-city suburbs. Council is ripping people off by refusing to provide better signs to let motorists make an informed decision on where to park. The State government legislation which allows Council to just sign the borders of the zone is apparently legal. This doesn't make it right. These signs are not evident enough . The numbers of parking tickets given every week show that law abiding citizens have NO idea what the parking situation is. The way people learn about it is by getting a ticket. Shame on Brisbane City Council for making money off people this way. 

Your petitioners therefore request providing signs at the point where people are parking. Either through: - New signs to indicate the 2 Hour Zone on the streets concerned - Addition of sticky vinyl letters to existing signs stating " All Area 2 Hour Zone unless otherwise signed" - Provide a blue line (similar to the yellow lines for "no parking") to indicate a 2 Hour Zone.