Better Bus Services for Yeronga

Principal Petitioner Nicole Johnston, Fairfield
Date Closed Tue, 30 Apr 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 265 signatures

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Have your say and sign the petition for better bus services for Yeronga. One of the issues most regularly raised with me is the need for more frequent and reliable bus services for Yeronga residents. In past years, we have had to fight to minimise cuts and even keep existing services, but with Council’s Brisbane Metro bus project underway now is the time to be proactive about improvements to bus services before changes are forced on us. Major changes to bus timetables will accompany the Brisbane Metro, so it is important we speak up as a community about our need for better bus services. Brisbane City Council works in partnership with the State Government to deliver bus services, so it is important we send the clear message to both levels of government that our Yeronga community wants a better bus service before they undertake their next major bus timetable review. The 104, 105 and 107 are useful local bus services, but are not frequent or reliable. The 196 Buz service is brilliant, but terminates at Fairfield Gardens where parking is restricted. A great outcome would be to add a short loop through Yeronga to the existing 196 route. This might be, for example, up Kadumba St and back down Hyde Rd, servicing The Village and local schools and shops. The petition, overleaf, calls for a Yeronga loop to be developed and consultation undertaken to determine our community’s preferred route.

We, the undersigned, call on Brisbane City Council to work with the Queensland Government to extend the 196 Buz service to Yeronga residents to provide better, more frequent and reliable services to school students, commuters and the large retirement village in the suburb. Current services are hourly and do not run at night or on weekends and there is no public parking to access the 196 Buz service from Fairfield Gardens. We encourage Council to develop and consult on a preferred Yeronga bus loop to be added to the existing 196 Buz service and work with the State Government to improve public transport in the lead up to the roll out of the Brisbane Metro.