Fort Road Parking

Principal Petitioner Thomas Mcpherson, Oxley
Date Closed Fri, 15 Mar 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 134 signatures

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Residents draw the attention of Council the recent plantings and removal of available parking spaces on the eastern side of Fort Road, Oxley. Residents are aware that these changes were enacted as the result of a petition by a local environmental group. While we appreciate the motives behind this petition, as the members of this group do not actually live on Fort Road, they are not aware of the traffic issues we face on a daily basis, and how the decision to remove the vast majority of available parking spaces on the eastern side of the road has come at the detriment to those residing in the street. Fort Road has always been a main thoroughfare through our area, for residents of Seventeen Mile Rocks accessing their homes, and also residents of Oxley and Corinda that use it as a shortcut to bypass the congestion on Seventeen Mile Rocks Road and Oxley Road. As a result of this heavy traffic and rat running, speeding on this section of road is a common occurrence which at times can make it difficult to safely enter and exit a parked vehicle on the western side of the road. We also expect this issue to be greatly exacerbated with the pending development of the old Oxley State High School site. Residents of Fort Road, both past and present, have been parking off the street on the eastern side of the road without issue for well over 40 years. We park on this side of the road as the topography of the area results in many steep driveways, combined with the narrowness of the road, speeding rat runners and the sweeping bends, means parking on the western side of the road, in a lot of cases, is simply not safe. While some parking spaces on the eastern side of the road have been made available, it is drastically less than what is required. The current signed areas are also an inefficient utilisation of the space, as there are large sections where parking has been prohibited that would be suitable for parallel parking, while the areas designated for parallel parking could easily accommodate angled parking.

It is for the reasons stated above that we are calling on Council to put the safety of local residents first and significantly increase the available parking on the eastern side of Fort Road, Oxley, to restore what was previously available, and to be commensurate with what is required by the residents of Fort Road.