Pedestrian and cyclists only thoroughfare upgrade

Principal Petitioner Nicholas White, Runcorn
Date Closed Sun, 31 Mar 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of the fact that there is a much needed footpath from Warrigal Road all the way down Underwood Road under the Motorway pass and up the hill to the top of Underwood Road to Logan Road. This area is quite dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians because there is no way to cross without walking close to the road and over loose rocks and ditches. This is extremely dangerous and needs to become a safe area for such a busy road. There is also no alternative way to get through at all and is the only path to access Logan Road without going to Logan Road. For a car this is a slight inconvenience but is an impossible journey for any cyclist or pedestrian to take an alternate route. I have witnessed cyclists get almost wiped out because of the steep incline going up the hill when cars try to pass by on such a narrow stretch or road is very dangerous. This is particularly the case when there is oncoming traffic on such a busy road. Cyclists are unable to go off road without the risk of serious injury or damage to their vehicle. Both sides of the road do not allow for a clear path through that section, and I propose this be a priority to have a clear pathway for all people to gain access with the risk of danger. Even for a pedestrian, there is no clear even ground that is safe to walk on without sliding on rocks or falling into a ditch. It is a councils obligation to fix this issue before there is a serious injury or fatality.

Your petitioners therefore requesting an width extension of the road be made to include a cycle lane, as well as a footpath for pedestrians all the way down Underwood Road from Warrigal Road to Logan Road. Access is required the entire length of Underwood Road from Warrigal Road To Logan Road and there is currently part of a footpath.

Council response

Underwood Road is recognised as a secondary cycle route under Council’s Bicycle network overlay. Secondary cycle routes link local and primary cycle routes and facilitate connections to suburban destinations such as schools, suburban centres, cultural activity areas and recreational facilities. Underwood Road provides a cycling connection into key destinations including Eight Mile Plains State School and Warrigal Square Shopping Centre.

Sections of concrete footpath exist along Underwood Road, predominantly as a result of ongoing development of large land parcels. There is a single 470 metre missing section on the southern side (odd numbered side) of Underwood Road, from Franquin Crescent to opposite Gaskell Street. The northern side (even numbered side) of Underwood Road has a number of missing sections between Millers Road and Gaskell Street. Currently, there are six missing sections, totalling approximately 1,030 metres. The longest missing section is approximately 520 metres.

In relation to your request to widen Underwood Road, Council’s long‑term plan is to provide four lanes, with on-road bicycle lanes and pedestrian footpaths. To achieve this, Council is protecting the land required for the proposed corridor widening with building setbacks from approved adjoining developments as they occur.

A large proportion of the two longer missing footpath sections will not be subject to further development. However, the construction of a path along either of these sections will require significant civil works due to the local ground levels and would be costly. As such, it is recommended that the missing footpath be constructed as part of future road widening to ensure suitable alignment, levels and drainage requirements are incorporated.

In relation to cycling infrastructure, Council is completing a review of the Active Transport Network Plan (ATNP) that will assess key bicycle corridors, including Underwood Road. As part of this review, Council will investigate opportunities for improving connectivity and safety. Your request for cycle and pedestrian infrastructure on Underwood Road has been noted and will be considered as part of Council’s review.

It is noted the intersection of Underwood and Millers Roads is located on the boundary with Logan City Council (LCC) and that LCC owns and operates Underwood Road east of this intersection. Any consideration by Council to fund future works at the intersection of Underwood and Millers Roads would be subject to an agreement between the two councils. Future upgrades to the east of Millers Road are the responsibility of LCC.

There is currently no timeline for the upgrading of Underwood Road as it sits within Council’s long‑term infrastructure plans for the road network. Consideration of funding for the future delivery of this project is subject to an assessment of its priority against other similar citywide projects.