Reduce the speed limit on Montague Road between Jane and Drake Streets

Principal Petitioner Peter Young, West End
Date Closed Thu, 16 May 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the high risk of pedestrian and cyclist injury and fatalities along the stretch of Montague Road between Jane Street and Drake Street. There has been a rapid and significant increase in traffic volumes along this stretch of road, related to large scale unit developments to the west of Montague Road. As a result of this large scale development there has also been a commensurate increase in pedestrian and cyclist usage of this road, and those of us who live in this community can see the significant risks that this combination has created. Each day school children cross this road to and from the West End State School and to State High. Parents cross this road with young toddlers and babies travelling to and from child care centres, shops, and other facilities. Students and commuters cycle along Montague Road travelling to and from work, school, university, or college. And West End residents cross Montague Road to access the growing number of shops and recreation facilities in this developing area of West End. These pedestrians and cyclists take their lives in their hands each day as they contend with high volumes of cars, trucks and delivery vehicles travelling at 60kph along a roadway designed for much smaller volumes of vehicles. We believe that serious accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are inevitable unless changes are made right away.

Given the high risk right now of accidents and fatalities, your petitioners request a quick and simple intervention to immediately reduce the risks of injury and death, while longer term solutions are found to this issue. Many West End residents would prefer that the speed limit for this road be reduced to 40kph, to make it a truly pedestrian and cyclist friendly space. However we appreciate that such a reform would test existing Council policies, and this scale of change may not be able to be adopted as quickly as we believe is needed, given the urgency of the problem. Your petitioners therefore request that Council immediately reduce the speed limit for Montague Road south from Jane Street to 50kph. We do not consider this alone to be sufficient to provide the level of safety and amenity required, and we further request that Council commence work to examine the feasibility of further lowering the speed limit for this stretch of road to 40kph. However we ask that you act quickly by reducing the speed limit now to 50kph. We believe that urgent change is needed now, in order to save lives.