Improve the Sunnybank Hills skate park

Principal Petitioner Regan Jacobs, Sunnybank Hills
Date Closed Fri, 17 May 2019 This epetition has ended
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Brisbane City Council should upgrade the skate park in Les Atkinson Park, Sunnybank, QLD. I propose upgrading the skate bowl as this would be very beneficial to the community of Sunnybank and surrounding suburbs. Skate parks are a means of keeping children and teens out of trouble and give them a great opportunity to try some of the fun action sports in the community. The bowl we currently have can only be used by people who are beginning and it does not give you a taste of the full potential that the sport can give you. Skating is beneficial as it is a wonderful form of leisure and gives the people of our community a great chance to get out of the house.

We request an upgrade of the skate bowl located in Les Atkinson Park, Sunnybank.

Council response

Council will list for consideration the design and upgrade of the skate park at Les Atkinson Park, Sunnybank, as part of Council’s capital works program. The request has also been forwarded to Councillor Kim Marx, Councillor for Runcorn Ward, for consideration as part of the Suburban Enhancement Fund.