Save our Trees

Principal Petitioner Emma Smith, Brisbane
Date Closed Thu, 01 Aug 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 59 signatures

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I would like to draw to the attention of residents that too many trees are being chopped down and are leaving areas bare and animals homeless. Birds will have nowhere to build their nests. Possums will have nowhere to call home.There will be no shade all over Brisbane and the place is already hot enough.We have global warming so without trees it will be warmer, which will mean people use air conditioners more often, creating bigger electricity bills, etc

Your petitioners therefore request that people are not able to cut down trees at their own will if the tree can not be grown back to its full stature in 20 years. All trees are protected, even on private properties so we have a beautiful green landscape. As young people, we want a green landscape for our kids.