Improve safety and amenity for Kedron Brook path users at Widdop Street, Nundah

Principal Petitioner Mitchell Bright, Toowong
Date Closed Thu, 21 Mar 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Council that the intersection works planned for Widdop Street, Nundah, will provide a poor outcome for people using the Kedron Brook Bikeway. The works are designed to facilitate people accessing the Toombul Shopping Centre by car, and will force pedestrians and cyclists onto an awkward alignment, require them to stop to press a button, and wait through 80 seconds or more to cross Widdop Street. We fear that people will become impatient at times when there is little motor vehicle traffic, and cross illegally against the lights. The Kedron Brook shared path is a major arterial route for cycle and pedestrian traffic, and a key link in Brisbane's active travel network. In contrast, there are many parallel routes to Widdop Street for people travelling by car, and four other entrances to the Toombul Shopping Centre.

Your petitioners therefore request that the intersection be redesigned to reflect this priority and align with Council's stated objective of encouraging more people to choose healthy transport options. We ask that at minimum, the signals be adjusted so that the waiting time for path users is less than one minute during peak times, and that traffic on the Kedron Brook Bikeway be given default priority at other times, as it would with a zebra crossing.

Council response

The Widdop Street upgrade will install new traffic signals at the intersection of Widdop Street and the Toombul Shopping Centre access road, with an additional northbound lane on Widdop Street to improve traffic flow. The project will also widen the bridge over Schultz Canal to provide a wider path for pedestrians and cyclists and a controlled pedestrian/cycle crossing on the southern side of the intersection, with a connection to the Kedron Brook Bikeway which crosses Widdop Street. The upgrade will provide significant safety improvements for all road users by separating and controlling the movement of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists travelling through the intersection.

As part of the design process, Council undertook a range of investigations, including a road safety audit and traffic modelling, to determine the most appropriate configuration for the Widdop Street and the Toombul Shopping Centre access road. After considering a number of options, it was determined that the signalisation of the intersection was the best solution to improve traffic flow and safety for all road users.

The new signalised crossing will be controlled by the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS), which manages traffic signal operation and is responsive on demand through detectors in the road and by pedestrian/cyclist push buttons. The signals will enable pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross the road rather than waiting for gaps in the traffic. Throughout the day, SCATS will maintain maximum efficiency based on actual volumes of each road user type, including pedestrians and cyclists. Council is also investigating the use of detection equipment on the approaches to the crossing point.

Timing of the signal phases will be automatically set for peak efficiency based on demand, which varies during the day. The waiting time at peak times would be, on average, approximately 39 seconds and no more than 80 seconds. At off-peak times, the wait time for pedestrians/cyclists may be lower if the pedestrian push button is activated and there is no vehicle demand through the intersection. The proposed phasing of the signals has been designed to cater for existing and future traffic volumes and create the most efficient intersection operation for all road users, including cyclists using the Kedron Brook Bikeway.

The path approach on the western side of the intersection has been designed with a larger paved area than existing and complies with applicable guidelines for existing and future volumes of pedestrians and cyclists. It extends to the road reserve boundary to cater for the new signalised pedestrian/cyclist crossing.

Construction for the Widdop Street upgrade started in early May 2019 and is expected to be completed in late 2019.