Place Naming: Tom O'Neil Park, Oxley

Principal Petitioner Terry Dale, Oxley
Date Closed Wed, 08 May 2019 This epetition has ended
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Robert was raised in Oxley in his parents’ Queenslander in Price Street, attending Oxley State Primary and Corinda State High Schools. He was inspired by other local musicians, like Ed Keupper, and became a member of bands, including The Numbers and the Riptides. After leaving school, Robert travelled extensively in the UK, North Africa and the USA establishing himself as an accomplished musician. He played bass and wrote music for 5 years as a member of the popular The Go-Betweens until retiring in 1987. Robert still resides in New York where he has a music public relations company, regularly returning ‘home’ to Oxley to savour fond memories of life as a child and exploring this park and suburb as he did so many years ago.

Residents call on Brisbane City Council to create a Place Name, 'Robert Vickers Place', at a suitable location within the existing Tom O’Neil Park (formerly California Road Park) to acknowledge the musical talents and contribution of local musician, Robert Vickers.

Council response

This petition has been withdrawn at the request of the head petitioner.