Protect 54 Beelarong Street, Morningside, from residential development

Principal Petitioner Michael Green, Morningside
Date Closed Fri, 19 Apr 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 258 signatures

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Residents request Council acquire the Rural zoned land at 54 Beelarong Street, Morningside, to protect it from residential development. We do not believe that residential development would ever be appropriate on this land which comes under many City Plan 2014 overlays including:

  • High ecological significance
  • Wetland
  • High storm-tide inundation
  • Erosion prone area – permanent inundation due to sea level rise at 2100
  • Brisbane river flood planning area 3
  • Creek/waterway flood planning area 1
  • Overland flow flood planning area
  • Potential and actual acid sulfate soils
  • Citywide waterway corridor

The current ownership of this Rural zoned land by a property developer is completely inappropriate and has recently resulted in an outrageous development application (A005003693) that would require thousands of truck loads of fill to raise this land above most floods and lead to:

  • Increased flood risk to all other properties within the Perrin Creek catchment
  • Destruction of protected vegetation and wildlife corridors
  • Loss of green space
  • Unacceptable risk to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on Beelarong Street
  • No community benefit allowing this land to remain in the hands of a developer can only create a wrong precedent and lead to further inappropriate development applications, made with no regard to the environment or existing residents within the Perrin Creek catchment.

Your petitioners therefore request that Council acquire this land to protect it from any further residential development applications.