Henderson Street Bulimba Traffic Calming

Principal Petitioner Jennifer Codey, Bulimba
Date Closed Sun, 26 May 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 21 signatures

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Residents draw to attention the increased traffic and noise in Henderson Street, Bulimba. 

Petitioners therefore request Local Area Traffic Management (LATM). Namely, speed platforms or speed humps in order to provide a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists, discourage non-local traffic, commonly known as 'rat running', in neighbourhood streets and moderate vehicle speeds.

Council response

Your request for speed bumps to address non-local traffic has been noted. Traffic calming involves the installation of devices such as speed platforms and chicanes to discourage use from non-local traffic and to moderate vehicle speeds, providing a safer environment for all road users. There is a high demand for traffic calming across the city and Council must prioritise funding to those projects that deliver the greatest benefit in terms of safety and amenity for the wider community.

Traffic calming schemes are generally installed across a number of streets to stop traffic being reallocated to individual streets. Henderson Street and the other local streets to the north have been listed for future funding of a traffic calming scheme by Councillor Kara Cook, the Councillor for Morningside Ward. Traffic surveys are being undertaken by Council to inform the extent of any scheme and its priority for future funding. However, as funding has not been allocated, no timeframe is available for when these works will be carried out.

Furthermore, detailed community consultation on proposed plans will be carried out prior to any works being undertaken to ensure that local residents’ feedback is taken into account.

To promote safety through driver awareness and minimise speeding on suburban roads, Council has implemented the Speed Awareness Monitors (SAM) program. SAMs are installed for a minimum of one month and increase motorist awareness of their travelling speed by acting as a reminder to adhere to the speed limit. The citywide program has seen a marked decrease in the number of motorists travelling over the speed limit when passing the signs, with an average speed reduction of more than 8 km/h across all sites since the program began in late 2013.

A SAM was previously installed in Henderson Street for westbound traffic from October 2017 to February 2018, near 45 Henderson Street. The SAM was effective in this 50 km/h location, with the average speed of motorists who were recorded exceeding the limit dropping by 14 km/h after passing the sign. Another SAM footing for eastbound traffic is near 34 Henderson Street. The SAM was most recently in place from October 2018 to January 2019 with the average speed of motorists who were recorded exceeding the limit dropping by 16 km/h. The eastbound sign was reinstated in July 2019 and will be in place for approximately three months. It is anticipated that the sign will assist in moderating vehicle speeds again.

Speeding is primarily a behavioural issue which is best handled by enforcement of the Queensland Road Rules by the Queensland Police Service (QPS). Speeding vehicle complaints are able to be mitigated by regular enforcement by the QPS and they can be contacted on 13 HOON (13 46 66).