Brisbane needs more street trees

Principal Petitioner Lu Ponton, Aspley
Date Closed Mon, 29 Jul 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 34 signatures

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The past year was the hottest on record and we all felt it. We can't stop the climate from getting warmer but there are things we can do to keep the city cool. The greenest and the most environmental friendly way to help keep our city cool is planting more trees. Having more trees in the city (especially public areas and along footpaths) have a number of benefits:

1. Trees reduce ground temperature hence help the city keep cool

2. Trees capture CO2 and help manage storm water

3. Trees provide shade for people walking under and a footpath covered by shade makes it comfortable for people and pets to take a walk any time of the day.

4. Trees provide shelter and home for wild life

5. Trees can reduce noise and air pollution

6. Trees also provide shade for vehicles parked underneath which results in less fuel used for cooling and less greenhouse gas emissions

However many Brisbane suburbs still have long sections of footpaths directly exposed to the sun and sometimes there isn't one single tree for a couple hundred of meters.

The petition therefore requests street trees are planted along all footpaths where possible to ensure most footpaths to be covered by shade of trees. Rather than requesting to have trees planted, residents at new developments and establish properties get street trees by default but can choose to opt out. More trees should also be planted in public areas such as car parks at train stations to provide shade and reduce ground temperature.