Playground on corner of Clyde and Sackville Streets in Petrie Terrace

Principal Petitioner Shannon Cant, Petrie Terrace
Date Closed Mon, 15 Jul 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 59 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council the lack of children's play areas within the suburb of Petrie Terrace. Point one: Petrie Terrace is situated in the middle of several major roads, meaning that residents must cross these to access play areas suitable for children. Point two: The blocks of land that homes are built on within this suburb are generally of a smaller square metreage, meaning that trips to outdoor leisure facilities and parks are frequented rather than backyard play. Point three: The roads in our suburb are highly used for the purposes of The Normanby, Caxton Street, Suncorp Stadium and Brisbane CBD parking. Homes are also close-set to the pavement. Both of these occurrences mean children are not able to play on the street or in front yards.

The petitioners therefore request that the block of vacant land on the corner of Sackville and Clyde Streets in Petrie Terrace is used for an enclosed children's playground. This land backs onto the Hale Street turn-off from Waterworks Road and is unusable for many other purposes. It currently has a park bench but is rarely used by residents. We request that this playground be enclosed with a fence, as there is parking to the right-hand side of the land for a local business and the block also backs onto a high usage road.

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