Ashgrove Sports Ground master planning is an inappropriate Brisbane City Council undertaking

Principal Petitioner Lisa And Bruce Gelsomino, Ashgrove
Date Closed Sun, 07 Jul 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 80 signatures

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Residents wish to draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the approach by GPS Rugby Club, Yoku Rd Ashgrove to Council to undertake master planning, through their lease and club's current concept plan that expands facilities and intensifies activities. Residents are concerned that BCC agreed to master planning without a baseline traffic study, transportation modelling or neighbourhood planning in place. In agreeing to master planning, Council has excluded a consideration of the existing neighbourhood impacts that residents have voiced for years: intolerable street safety conditions, traffic congestion, illegal on-street parking and noise at rugby and cricket training nights and rugby home games. The site does not command any expansion, located at the end of a dead-end street in a valley where noise reverberates throughout the neighbourhood. Traffic flows through two suburban streets within a residential precinct that also has two schools. Neighbours now experience traffic flowing through their streets from 5am-10pm, eroding our liveability. GPS' current concept plan is disproportionate to the location, proposing a fourth playing field and expanded function room, which means all the park will be resumed as playing fields and a function room that exceeds current patronage. A plan that resumes all the parkland as club playing fields restricts mainstream community recreational space at Ashgrove Sports Ground, monopolising the club's use of the community asset. The current concept plan proposes a carpark as a community improvement. Residents do not want a large concrete carpark in their neighbourhood and the associated environmental impacts (air pollution, noise). Residents have communicated with Council for six months on this issue with no good outcome or timely responses to date. Council advised residents that due to the site's location within the sport and recreation District zone precinct under the Brisbane City Plan 2014, a variety of recreational and sporting uses and activities are permitted. We understand the District zone precinct intends to attract residents from two-three suburbs away; however, the club's activities are catering to patrons across all of Brisbane. We believe there is a distortion between the Brisbane City Plan 2014 requirements and what activities are taking place at Ashgrove Sports Ground. We trust this e-petition will allow residents' voices to be heard on the issue.

Our petitioners request Council reject any proposed concept plan by GPS Rugby Club that expands and intensifies activities at Ashgrove Sports Ground.