Boundary Road, Coorparoo, improvements for safe Koala crossing

Principal Petitioner Robert Jansen, Coorparoo
Closing Date Sun, 30 Jun 2019
No. of signatures 669 signatures

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There is a local koala population that exists in Camp Hill and Coorparoo in the Whites Hill and surrounding reserves of the Coorparoo Finger Gullies, (Mars, Octantis, Solar Steets and surrounding area). The koalas maintain a large territory in which they travel for food, rearing young and breeding. The territory is split by Boundary Rd with a set speed limit of 70kmph. This a major crossing for koalas and other wildlife, and therefore the major area for injury and death of these animals.

Your petitioners request the Brisbane City Council to urgently implement road safety measures for the safe movement of koalas and other wildlife across Boundary Road, Coorparoo. Modification to consider include – increased signage, speed reduction, traffic calming, underpasses, rope bridges, gantry overpasses.

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