Put Zebra (Pedestrian) Crossing on Jane Street, West End

Principal Petitioner Kanwar Singh, West End
Date Closed Mon, 24 Jun 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 9 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Council that a large number of pedestrians cross Jane Street to enter Davies Park in West End every day. Every Saturday, there is a farmers market in Davies Park from 6am to 2pm and hundreds of people, especially coming from Buchanan Street or riverside, cross Jane Street from near the crossing of Buchanan Street and Jane Street. Also, Davies Park hosts footy club matches almost every Sunday and Sunset Social on alternate Fridays. Hence, a substantial number of pedestrians cross Jane Street to enter Davies Park from, again, near the crossing of Buchanan Street and Jane Street. In addition to this, this being a densely populated area, every day local residents and joggers also cross Jane Street to enter Davies Park from the same location. There is no Give Way or Stop sign for traffic coming from Buchanan Street to Jane Street. This makes the entrance of Davies Park opposite to Buchan Street very vulnerable to pedestrians as traffic comes from three sides i.e. from Buchanan Street, on Jane Street towards and from riverside at high speed.

Your petitioners therefore request Council to put a zebra (pedestrian) crossing at Jane Street near the corner of Buchanan Street for pedestrians to enter Davies Park safely.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting Council install a pedestrian crossing on Jane Street, near the corner of Buchanan Street, West End, for pedestrians to enter Davies Park safely.

Your request to install a zebra crossing has been noted. Zebra crossings in Brisbane are installed in line with the requirements outlined in the Queensland Government’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and in conjunction with Australian Standard 1742.10 2009 (AS). There are specific guidelines within the AS as to where such crossings are appropriate, with consideration given to approach speeds, consistency of pedestrian demand, available sight distance and local environmental factors.

Council has reviewed the Queensland Government’s crash database as part of this investigation and there are no reported crashes since 2010 at this location.

While it is noted that pedestrians are crossing at this location at times, several site inspections by Council have concluded that there is not enough pedestrian volume consistently throughout the day to consider installing a zebra crossing. It was also noted that the traffic volumes along Jane Street were low, providing plenty of gaps in traffic for pedestrians to cross safely.

Based on the above factors, the requirements for a zebra crossing at this location are not met and Council has no plans to install one at this time.

Your feedback about the configuration of the intersection between Jane Street and Buchanan Street has been noted. Under the Queensland Road Rules, motorists on the intersecting leg of T-intersections are required to give way to all road users on the through road of the T-intersection. This means any vehicles entering Jane Street from Buchanan Street must give way to all other road users on Jane Street. This rule applies regardless of whether a ‘give-way’ treatment is installed at the intersection.

As the concerns are predominantly associated with the Davies Park Markets and other periodic events in Davies Park, Council will contact the event organisers with the petitioners’ feedback and suggest they hire traffic controllers to control the movement of traffic. This would provide additional pedestrian safety measures for crossing Jane Street during event days and times.

Thank you for raising this matter.