Installation of Lights for Rode Road Dog Park

Principal Petitioner Hilary Lindberg, Stafford Heights
Date Closed Thu, 15 Aug 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 223 signatures

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The residents of the McDowall area draw attention to Council the lack of lighting along the footpath of the Rode Road Dog Park that connects Rode Road to Remick Street in Stafford Heights. The lighting is important for the safety of the many locals who use the footpath to access public transport, exercise equipment or the popular dog park in the morning and evening. During autumn and winter months, the footpath becomes dark between 5pm – 5.30pm meaning that locals need to walk home in the dark, and are not able to exercise their dogs. Currently there is lighting along the footpath connecting Remick Street to Trouts Road, which provides sufficient lighting for locals to safely use the footpath.

Petitioners are requesting lighting to be installed for the remainder of the footpath between Remick Street and Rode Road.

Council response

Thank you for your petitions requesting Council install lighting for the dog off-leash area (DOLA) and footpath between Remick Street and Rode Road, Stafford Heights.

Council acknowledges the value of cycle paths and bikeways in supporting sustainable and healthy travel options to help keep our community active and healthy and to minimise traffic congestion. Council has committed $100 million over four years to deliver new bikeways and upgrade existing bikeways across the city as part of the Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane program. Council acknowledges the value of lighting key bikeways and continues to install lighting in key sections of Brisbane’s bikeway network as part of this program to improve safety in the community.

The pathway between Remick Street and Rode Road, Stafford Heights, forms part of the Downfall Creek Bikeway route and is a key recreational bikeway, while also serving a commuter function for local residents. The pathway also provides access to the DOLA in Grey Gum Park.

The DOLA is highly used and providing lighting does have merit and would extend the hours of use for visitors of the facility.

The installation of lighting of the DOLA and footpath between Rode Road and Remick Street has been listed for consideration as part of Council’s future capital works program.

Each year in June, all such listed projects are assessed in relation to the overall needs of the city. The works that are approved are considered to have the highest priority in terms of public safety, convenience and the number of people directly benefited in relation to the cost.

Thank you for raising this matter.