Fishing Expansion for Colmslie Recreation Reserve

Principal Petitioner Cory Exelby, Zillmere
Date Closed Wed, 31 Jul 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw the attention of Brisbane City Council the long-standing popularity of net-based fishing in the Brisbane region. Prawns and Bait fish are both very popular targets for recreational fishers, however, Brisbane City Council’s current fishing platforms do not adequately provide an area to use a cast net which requires unobstructed, water level access. The petitioners request that the two perpendicular finger pontoons off the Colmslie Recreation Reserve boat ramp pontoon be designated as a net-based fishing location. These locations would open up net-based fishing to Brisbane residents that do not own boats and also to those of limited mobility who cannot access beach-based fishing.

While it is understood that the Colmslie Recreation Reserve floating pontoon was constructed to manage boat ramp traffic and has not been designed to accommodate recreational fishing, the petitioners are asking for a 12-month trial of fishing access. Temporary signage is requested to be installed in the park that regulates fishing for a 12-month trial period listing the conditions required, such as giving right of way to boats stopped or under movement and the removal of rubbish in a responsible manner. Additional fishing infrastructure is not requested to be installed in the park during the trial period. During the trial, we request that feedback received be part of a longer-term decision around recreational fishing at the end of the 12-month period which includes an assessment of complaints, rubbish levels, and should sufficient use be demonstrated by the public, the consideration of an additional accessible, non-raised fishing structure added to this location, or to the Colmslie Beach Reserve project being completed nearby.

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