Traffic volume study Jessop Street/Tenth Avenue Windsor

Principal Petitioner Daniel Moutin, Windsor
Date Closed Fri, 12 Jul 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the high volume of non-local through traffic that uses Jessop Street, Main Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Tenth Avenue, Windsor. Most of this traffic is through traffic that use these streets as a means to access Lutwyche/Bowen Bridge Roads in the southbound direction. Previously it was possible to turn right from Constitution Road onto Lutwyche Road, however BCC altered this intersection to prevent this manoeuvre. This change has had the unintended consequence of forcing traffic onto suburban streets. The specific issues include: • High Traffic Volumes = Less Safe for Residents • Downhill slope in the southern direction encourages speeding • Noise associated with the traffic • Reduces the amenity of the area.

The affected residents request that Brisbane City Council undertake a traffic volume study to quantify the issue and then in consultation with the residents determine suitable means to restrict non-local/through traffic from using these roads.

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