North Brisbane Bikeway - All the Way to EJ

Principal Petitioner Stephen Wisenthal, Kalinga
Date Closed Tue, 03 Dec 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Council the importance of Dickson Street as a cycling link for large areas of northern and northeastern Brisbane via the North Brisbane Bikeway. Even though the current on-road conditions are dangerous, with cyclists stuck between parked cars and fast-moving motor vehicle traffic, they choose to ride that way because it provides the only sensible connection to key destinations including the CBD. Locally gathered data and online information show this route to be the favoured and importantly the most direct route for people travelling both north-south and from the east to access the North Brisbane Bikeway, cutting more than four kilometres off the distance to the CBD for some trips. This serves local people in suburbs including Clayfield, Kalinga, Eagle Junction and Wooloowin, and many more residents further afield. It also provides a link to workplaces at Brisbane Airport. Yet, Brisbane City Council has no plan to connect further north once the State Government completes a bikeway from the CBD along Dickson Street to Price Street in about a year.

Your petitioners therefore request that Council build a safe and separated bikeway that continues from Dickson Street all the way to Eagle Junction, and connects with northeastern destinations via Jackson Street. This would provide a vital connection for local residents, and fill a missing link to the Jim Soorley and Gateway bikeways, benefitting communities all the way from Nundah to Sandgate and beyond. It would represent the most direct north-south path as well, enabling people to reduce their commute time when travelling by bicycle. The sooner this is done, the more people will be able to choose active transport as a viable option, with all the associated benefits, including improved health and reduced traffic congestion.

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