Slow Down Traffic on Youngs Road, Hemmant

Principal Petitioner Colin Wilson, Hemmant (qld)
Date Closed Wed, 25 Dec 2019 This epetition has ended
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I’m writing to inform the Councillor Peter Cumming that something needs to be done with the hooning, speeding and actual repetitive car accident on Youngs Road, Hemmant/Wynnum west. Far too many accidents occur with no engineering to improve the road safety. You need to act now and install speed bumps as a minimum response before some child playing at that junction of Youngs road and kianawah road gets hurt. I for one, are sick of hearing cars flying past my house in both directions and sometimes being unable to stop at T intersection thus causing another section of damage to local residents property boundaries.

We request that Council install speed bumps throughout Youngs Road and especially the leading 200m into the T Intersection. Plus get local police to do speed checks and park their camera vans to enforce speed limits, im sure the councils SAM flashing light signs has recording a large number of speeding activities on this road. The time to act is now.