Holistic Centre - Well-being and Mental Health Initiative at Yeronga

Principal Petitioner Irina Aleksandrova, Fairfield
Date Closed Tue, 30 Jul 2019 This epetition has ended
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We undersigned ask the Lord Mayor of Brisbane and the Lifestyle and Communities Department of Brisbane City Council to purchase the property at 143 Hyde Road Yeronga, QLD 4104 under the initiative to create more parkland and green spaces, as announced at the inaugural speech of Cr Adrian Schrinner. Why we need the space? People of Yeronga/Fairfield overwhelmingly support EquusTerra, the centre of therapeutic riding, to remain in the area. Families and carers currently accessing the services need continuity and stability, improved facilities and easy access. Current zoning of the 143 Hyde Rd property allows easy Council approval for suggested facilities: Hyde Road site - light industrial use, - to set up activities hubs/spaces, Brisbane Corso site – recreational and sports, - to expand farm and parklands facilities. Continuous pressure of development through rezoning applications, puts pressure on BCC and jeopardises regular and Special Olympics programs at Therapeutic Horse riding centre. People with mental disabilities require modifications of spaces for improved well-being: quiet, no loud music, no loud noises, supportive, light social interaction, not-overcrowded space. Public parks and playgrounds, South Bank parkland for example – too noisy and sensory overwhelming, adding to anxiety and increasing isolation from the society. Limited opportunities for meaningful community-based recreational activities for people with special needs in the southern inner-city suburbs. Educational, developmental aspect of the proposed space will re-engage and re-connect disadvantaged with wider community. Creating a family space with a “twist”: urban farm, bee-keeping area, horses – 5 km from Brisbane CBD. Teaching empathy and inclusion on all levels by opening the space to all abilities, catering to not only physical, but mental disabilities through inviting, thought-through environment. The ease of access will make the area even more inviting to the wider community. Minimal environmental impact on the current vegetation on the property. Adding native plants and shrubs, native bees, improving water flow in the creek, creating sensory gardens with the local gardening community group. Specially modified and planned pathways and areas to encourage outdoor recreation and healthy lifestyle for local families and visitors.

We need to create a special designated area to provide services for long-term benefits and contribute to the physical and mental health and empowerment of everyone concerned. Allowing for accessible community interaction space, designed for the benefits of all: disabled, elderly, disadvantaged and local residents, will set a unique precedent for supportive, inclusive, empathetic suburban culture. WE URGE the BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL and STATE GOVERNMENT to take action on securing this parcel of land for community use as parklands and spaces of interest.

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