SAM on Tingal Rd

Principal Petitioner Toni Tighe, Wynnum
Date Closed Thu, 26 Sep 2019 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to attention Tingal Rd, Wynnum... Cars pass Glenora St - Tingal Rd roundabout then floor it up Tingal to go as fast as they wish. Most traffic is going to the Port of Bris.. So usually workers runnning late..Sorry guys the truth... I hounded the police first, with no response.. I then hounded Peter Cumming, Joan Pease. And the Commissioner of Police. I finally got RBT and 4 coppers and 2 cars for 1 wk.. Just to keep me quiet, then stopped..... We have had 1 child killed here. And numerous accidents because people speed on Tingal Rd.

There has been a boy killed here on the corner of Selena St and Tingal Rd. The same place we had a car accident in May... Because of speeding cars.. It is near impossible to get out of our driveways, because: 1. People are going too fast. 2. Because they are on a main road they think it's their right to go fast and forget anyone else trying to get out of their driveway. Peter Cumming told me we would get a SAM in but it is up to the government as to when it will go in!!!!! Wynnum needs a lot of fixing up. I am aware this is not the only problem. It's time we started hounding the appropriate councilmen and government. We request Council urgently install a SAM on Tingal Rd.