Albion Crosby Park to gain a designated small dog off-leash area

Principal Petitioner Caroline Kennedy, Albion
Date Closed Thu, 29 Aug 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 68 signatures

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Albion’s dog off-leash area at Crosby Park (Royal Terrace) is a large 4,721 square metre facility however it does not have a fenced off designated small dog area. A recent poll of local residents via a community social media page reflected 191 votes by small dog breed owners saying they would use a designated small dog area if one existed at this site.

Your petitioners therefore request that the Brisbane City Council introduce a fenced off designated small dog area to enhance the existing dog off-leash area at Albion's Crosby Park.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting the installation of a designated small dog off-leash area in Crosby Park, Albion.

Council has completed an onsite investigation and considered your request. Council has listed for consideration the installation of a small dog off-leash area in Crosby Park, Albion, as part of Council’s future capital works program.

Each year in June, all such listed works are assessed in relation to the overall needs of the city. The works that are approved are considered to have the highest priority in terms of public safety, convenience and the number of people directly benefited in relation to the cost.

This request has also been forwarded to Councillor David McLachlan, Councillor for Hamilton Ward, for consideration as part of the Suburban Enhancement Fund.

Thank you for raising this matter.