More bus services for Forest Lake

Principal Petitioner Janice Carter, Forest Lake
Date Closed Fri, 16 Aug 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 78 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Brisbane City Council that the frequency of buses to Forest Lake needs to be reviewed/further services of the 118.

Your petitioners therefore request a review based on population in Forest lake and bus services used compared with the last review approximately a decade ago.

Council response

Council operates its bus services under a contract with TransLink, a division of the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads. TransLink is responsible for the delivery of public transport services and infrastructure for South East Queensland.

Council works in conjunction with TransLink to ensure the residents and visitors of Brisbane have access to a reliable and accessible public transport network, with TransLink having the overall responsibility for approving and funding any new bus services or changes to services. In determining any bus network expansion, Council works with TransLink to ensure that services will be well utilised and meet customer demand.

In 2013, Council conducted a citywide bus network review. As part of the review, Council proposed a number of routing changes in the Forest Lake area which were approved by TransLink and implemented in July 2013.

Since the last network review in 2013, population growth in the Forest Lake – Doolandella area has been 1.8% per annum, which is consistent with the growth experienced across the Council area of 1.7% per annum.

Currently, Forest Lake is primarily serviced by three routes which connect to Brisbane city and operate via different route paths, including:

- Route 100 (BUZ) service which travels via Inala and Ipswich Road

- Route 118 (Rocket) service which travels via Heathwood, then express via the Logan Motorway and South East Busway servicing only the Upper Mt Gravatt busway station

- Route 460 (Cityxpress) service which operates via the Richlands Railway Station, Mt Ommaney, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and Coronation Drive.

As a BUZ service, the route 100 operates seven days a week between 6am and 11pm. The route provides a high frequency service for Forest Lake, operating at frequencies of 10 minutes or better in the peak direction, and at 15 minute intervals at other times. The route 460 provides an all day Cityxpress service to complement the route 100 via a different routing alignment.

The route 118 is a peak hour only service with seven inbound morning trips at 15 minute intervals and five outbound afternoon trips at 20 minute intervals. It provides a fast, limited-stops journey to the city. It is designed to supplement the route 100 and 460 services by providing an attractive alternative for commuters to and from the City during the peak periods.

Council has reviewed the current services to Forest Lake. Given the existing service levels and options available, large scale changes are not required at the time.

The petition also requested additional services on the route 118. Currently the first service departs at 7.17am and the last service at 8.50am, covering morning peak hour. In the afternoon, services commence from 4.10pm with the last service at 5.30pm. Given the afternoon peak period extends beyond 5.30pm and the existing services are well utilised it is considered a later service beyond 5.30pm should be considered.

Any additional services require approval from TransLink, who are responsible for funding additional services, recognising that TransLink must balance investment proposals in the context of needs and priorities across the entire network. Based on this petition, Council will make a recommendation to TransLink regarding provision of later service on the route 118 beyond 5.30pm.