Activate Bus Services from Pallara

Principal Petitioner Rami El Kiki, Pallara
Date Closed Thu, 26 Sep 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 256 signatures

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Since September 2016, the Stockland Pallara community has grown to now over 400 families residing here not to mention the numerous other estates that have since been developed along Ritchie Road and Gooderham Road. Since the Gooderham Road extension through to Learoyd Road was completed in Feb this year, we see numerous Buses using this road daily although they note "not in service". We notice there are two stop IDs on Gooderham Road although they only note local school pickups. They are 803, 867 and 840. The Stop IDs are: 1. 051690; and 2. 005162. We request services be activated as it would be a much needed benefit to help so many families that rely on public transport to get to their work, universities and local shops for groceries, medical appointments etc.

Please consider activating the bus loop off Gooderham Road that goes into Pallara Avenue and Brookbent Road and request to link the following existing services to Pallara via Gooderham Road: Route 110, Route 100, Route 115, and any others that will connect Pallara residents to the city, universities and shopping centres like Garden City.

Council response

The petition contained a total of 256 signatures, with most signatories residing in Pallara and other southside suburbs of Brisbane.

Council operates its bus services under a contract with TransLink, a division of the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads. TransLink is responsible for the delivery of public transport services and infrastructure for South East Queensland.

Council works in conjunction with TransLink to ensure the residents and visitors of Brisbane have access to a reliable and accessible public transport network, with TransLink having the overall responsibility for approving and funding any new bus services or changes to services. In determining any bus network expansion, Council works with TransLink to ensure that services will be well utilised and meet customer demand.

In 2018, the estimated population in the Pallara-Willawong area was 5,324. Since 2013, the average population growth rate in Pallara-Willawong has been 4.3% per annum, which is higher than the comparable figure of 1.7% per annum for the Brisbane City Council area. Recent population growth in Pallara-Willawong is a result of residential development, including the new Stockland Estate, which incorporated a bus stop pair on Gooderham Road. In addition, Council has issued numerous development approvals in the Pallara area, which are expected to result in continued population growth in the coming years.

While, Pallara is not currently serviced by any urban bus services, Council does currently operate the following district services as part of its contract with TransLink:

• Route 803 – operating between the new Pallara estate and Pallara State School (one morning and one afternoon service)

• Route 840 – operating between Willawong and Sunnybank via Pallara (one morning service only)

• Route 867 – operating between Sunnybank and Pallara (one afternoon service only).

Council has conducted preliminary investigations into possible bus service options for Pallara and has determined that the implementation of a new bus service from Pallara to Salisbury railway station (as a rail feeder service) will help connect residents to precincts closer to the city and further abroad.

While it is acknowledged there has been population growth in the area and that this is expected to continue to occur, any additional services or change to existing services, would require approval and funding from TransLink.

In response to this petition, Council will ask TransLink to consider the petitioners’ request for bus services to be activated from Pallara and will suggest the rail feeder service outlined above.