Fire Safety - Remove Bollards and Lewis Place School Entrance

Principal Petitioner Wayne Brennan, Manly West
Closing Date Sat, 31 Aug 2019
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Our complex Summerfield Terraces have bollards that restrict the entrance to 4 Lewis Place. This is our physical and postal address. These were added by Council during development due to traffic concerns. We were not given any input as it occurred before we purchased. As the letterboxes sit on Lewis Place, that is our address. We have already had an incident where a fire engine was blocked and an accident where a confused visitor crashed into the bollard. We have submitted a formal complaint to Council. They believe an entrance on a completely different street with a different address is sufficient. If a resident in a unit collapses and a guest had to call, they would call an ambulance to the entrance at 4 Lewis Place. We need to have the bollards removed as Lewis Place has very little traffic outside of school pick up and drop off times. The street should not be allowed to use the back fence of a school to enter. It is extremely dangerous. McDermott Close, Miles Crescent and Woodall Road should be the only entrances to the school as they have yellow lines, pedestrian crossings and school zone supervision. If we can stop the school allowing Lewis Place as a back entrance pick up and drop off, it will solve the traffic congestion. This will allow us to easily remove the bollards ensuring safety for all of Lewis Place.

We would like Brisbane City Council to investigate Lewis Place being used as a school pick up and drop off for Woodall Heights State School. This will stop any traffic congestion occurring on the street. We would like Council to remove the development conditions (bollards for traffic management for our complex at 4 Lewis Place) allowing entry for Emergency Service Vehicles. This solves the current dangerous situation on Lewis Place at the school zone end of the street. Given none of our residents would use the entrance or travel up the street, there is no need for the bollard conditions. Even now, they are not necessary as very little traffic uses the street outside of 8:30am and 2:45pm. This could potentially cause a massive fire safety or emergency situation.

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