VPO request for Leopard tree in Priory St Indooroopilly

Principal Petitioner Annette Flower, Indooroopilly
Date Closed Mon, 16 Dec 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 24 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council's Natural Environment, Water & Sustainability department's manager, to the perceived danger of accidental damage or destruction of a mature, healthy Leopard tree, on Council's roadside verge, occurring as the result of building works currently underway at the adjacent property at 15-17 Priory St, Indooroopilly.

Your petitioners therefore request that a Vegetation Protection Order be urgently placed on this mature, healthy, 15-20 metres high & in excess of 30 years old Leopard tree, Libidibia ferrea, the last mature street tree in Priory Street. Approximately three years ago, when the Mosaic Unit development commenced, a magnificent tree forming an arch at the western end of Priory St, long remembered by locals & defining the street, was removed. The stump is still in the ground & the footpath has still not been replaced. This week, two trees in council land adjoining 15-17 Priory St to the west, have been sawn down. This indicates strongly that a VPO should immediately be placed on this beautiful street tree, so it can continue to give pleasure to new unit dwellers, on all floor levels, & home owners in Priory St, as well as to walkers & others using this busy street, for the long term. Council is to be highly commended for increasing the planting of trees in our streets & parks to continue to make Brisbane, Australia's Green Capital! Please ensure we don't lose our Leopard tree!

Council response

Street trees, along with other vegetation on Council land, are valuable assets to Council and the community and are afforded protection under the Natural Assets Local Law 2003 (the Local Law). Because the tree in question is located on the nature strip it is protected under the Local Law.

The Local Law does not prevent vegetation being removed as part of a development. A developer can request the right to remove Council vegetation if they believe it may interfere with nearby development, or where road upgrade projects require the removal of vegetation to support road works.

Development applications must be assessed against the requirements of Brisbane City Plan 2014 and in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act 2016. If a developer seeks approval to remove a street tree as part of the development, Council’s Development Services, City Planning and Sustainability, is required to assess the application on its merits. Where removal of street trees is identified as a necessary requirement of the development, Council may place conditions on the development approval requiring an offset. An offset may be in the form of replacement plantings or a cash payment to support Council replacing lost trees. Council works to find the right balance between facilitating the construction of new homes for the residents of Brisbane and the planning requirements to retain vegetation.

Council has approved a development application for multiple dwellings at 15-17 Priory Street. As part of the assessment of the development application, Council made amendments to the approved plans and placed conditions on the development’s approval requiring the developer to retain the existing mature leopard tree on the Priory Street frontage.